About Victory Fitness Coaching

My Story

Victory Fitness Coaching was born out of my passion for helping others. My strengths include Leadership, Motivation and Dedication which are all qualities that will get you results. I will also match your goals to your training plan - ensuring you are undertaking the right type of exercises to reach your goals. Yes, any movement is great, but specific movement is what's needed for specific goals. Nutrition must be a factor in any training plan, so education is always included.

I have lived the journey of being obese and know those struggles and I know the only way forward is through a lifestyle change through changing habits in both nutrition and exercise. I do not have a bikini body but I am fit and healthy, enjoy exercise and have a far brighter future and quality of life than the barrel I was looking down several years ago.


Are You ready to release the kilos forever, overcome what has been holding you back from reaching your goals and make permanent change?

With various options to meet your needs, Victory Fitness Coaching provides both in person and online training and coaching. My strengths lie in Communication, Leadership and Motivation. I am an excellent coach that will keep you accountable, which is usually the missing ingredient in successful lifestyle changes and keeping up with your training schedule to meet your goals.

By joining any of our programs, you will be added to our VIP Facebook Group where you will receive additional motivation, education and support daily. This Community is there for you to support others as well as receiving support yourself.

If you're looking to improve your quality of life and your future health, don't hesitate. It's never too late, but don't put it off forever. Act NOW!

And you don't have to do it alone. In fact, contact me now to discuss what I can do for you. Most people who try to do it alone will fail. Let me be your accountability partner.

If you would like to feel better, look better and finally realise you can be who you want to be, apply today for your Free Coaching Session to find out what I can offer you.